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 Attract More Clients!

Does this sound like you …?

  • I don’t know how to attract opportunities that would position my company and brand at the top of mind with my target audience.
  • I have trouble communicating my value in a way that influences decision-makers to hire me.
  • I struggle at building relationships that I can leverage in my local network.
  • I’d have more leads if I felt more confident speaking about my business.
  • I love running my own business, but I am overwhelmed with developing a marketing system that gets results.

If you want to build a powerful and confident brand to attract customers and opportunities, you have to develop a greater comfort level with your marketing. Make a decision today to Position Yourself as the Clear (and Only Choice) for your customers when they need your product or service!”

You may not know where to begin or perhaps you think this is a bit overwhelming.

Don’t worry I’ve got your back!

As a Small Business Marketing Consultant I’m Here to Help!

The key to getting results from your marketing efforts is to change the way you think about marketing and leverage your marketing power with a framework and the tools you need to be successful. I will teach you how to strategically position yourself or company as the go-to-expert in your industry. With a systematic approach, you will develop a framework that identifies a strategic set of marketing tasks that’ll grow your business FAST. Just by Leveraging Your Marketing Power, you’ll be transformed to stand out, attract more clients, and increase your revenue.

Join me and discover what it takes to leverage your marketing power!

As a result of completing this program, you will now be positioned to:

  • Communicate with confidence your value proposition for your business so that customers seek you out.
  • Stay committed to implementing your marketing with guidance, resources, and support so that you feel empowered to succeed.
  • Grow your network and develop relationships with other like-minded business professionals and feel like a superstar in your own backyard.
  • Start seeing results immediately and be on the fast track to success.

This program is specifically designed for:

  • Entrepreneurs and business professionals who have a high desire to achieve success.
  • Individuals with knowledge and experience in their field.
  • Individuals who are passionate about their dreams/goals and committed to their own success.
  • People who are responsible for marketing their own companies or personal brand; solopreneurs, service professionals, speakers, and coaches.
  • People who understand that it’s not about what you know, but who you know.

The value in working with The Marketing Lady™…

  • Her marketing knowledge and expertise comes from a University and corporate career not Google!
  • She naturally attracts influential relationships.
  • She inspires her clients to achieve success.
  • She walks the walk and talks the talk. She understands the struggles of entrepreneurship and is determined not to let her clients make her same mistakes.

90 Minute Strategy Session

Pick one area you are having a challenge with and spend 90 minutes with me to develop a strategy for communicating your brand, using social media or creating a networking strategy that leverages your power, influence and authority.

Maximize Your Marketing Power in 8 Weeks

Maximize your marketing power in just 8 weeks. Join my 8 week VIP online training to become a marketing influencer by learning to leverage. You’ll receive full access to the Marketing Leverage Framework to complete on your own, with the support of bi-weekly group calls and a private Facebook community to get feedback from other influencers like you.

Modules include:

  • How to seek out your dream client by developing a customer persona
  • Creating your very on brand mantra that resonates with your ideal customer
  • Learn my framework for establishing a social media marketing funnel so that you have a systematic approach to getting results on social media
  • A 30 day social media content challenge so you’ll learn a quick and easy way to develop engaging content on your social media platforms
  • Learn to profit from your email newsletters and stay top of mind with your customers
  • How to create an email opt-in offer that generates leads and fill your funnel
  • How to leverage your local network and grow your referral base
  • Develop a networking strategy so you are not wasting time and money at unproductive events

Half VIP Day

Spend half the day with Tarsha Polk as she creates your money-making leverage map and train you on implementing. We’ll cover two modules of the Maximize Your Marketing Power program so you are clear on your vision, values, and purpose to position your expertise in the marketplace. We’ll build a brand around that expertise.

Full VIP Day

Spend a full day with Tarsha Polk as she covers 3-4 modules of the Maximize Your Marketing Power program. You’ll get clear on your vision, values and purpose and build a power brand to position you top of mind with your customers. We’ll create a social media and email marketing strategy that will increase your online visibility so customers seek you out, and you’ll learn to leverage your local network to naturally attract influential relationships and opportunities.


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