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Marketing Mindset: Do You Have One?


What is a Marketing Mindset?

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Marketing Mindset Explained: Having a marketing mindset means that building relationships with customers and business partners is at the heart of everything you do. Relationships are built on trust. To earn the trust of potential customers, you must focus on building your creditability. Creditability in your customer’s eyes may be that they believe in your expertise, that you represent a reputable brand, and that you have demonstrated your capabilities. When you operate with a marketing mindset, you continually market your creditability and communicate how your expertise will benefit your customer. If you do this effectively, the customer will be willing to take a risk and engage with you to learn how your product or services will help them solve their problem.

The Marketing Mindset in Practice

  1. Use testimonials or case studies from past clients to demonstrate how you’ve helped people.
  2. State facts and statistics in your marketing messages that are relevant to your target audience.
  3. Create your own unique selling statement that separates you from other service providers.
  4. Identify an under-served niche and focus your marketing efforts towards that market.
  5. Write articles demonstrating your expertise and submit them to publications.
  6. Start giving presentations and workshops to educate your market on the importance of your services.
  7. Work on developing deeper relationship with potential referral partners.
  8. Word of mouth advertising is very powerful. Launch a word of mouth campaign by requesting that your current and past clients submit an online review about their experience with you.
  9. Read the book by Stephen Covey on the Speed of Trust.  It talks about traits of highly trusted leaders and how to create trust in the relationships you have.


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Tarsha Polk, The Marketing Lady, is a Dallas-based Small Business Consultant, International Speaker, Marketing Strategist and Author. You can connect with Tarsha on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Email or at her office Mon-Fri from 10am-5pm at 972-987-0565.


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