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Girl Power

I recently attended a leadership conference by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and learned that prior to 1988 a female could not obtain any type of loan without getting it co-signed by a man. CRAZY right? Well, an organization called, NAWBO lobbied and fought hard to get legislation passed so that a woman would not need a man to get a loan to start a business or finance her dreams. They succeeded, and in 1988 President Ronald Reagan passed Bill HR5050. Now, there are more than 10 Million women business owners in the United States! That’s what I call Girl Power. Today, many corporations recognize the power, influence and authority women have over their households, community and workplace. And, even Facebook.  
This month the social media pioneer released a new set of Emojis geared towards women and diversity. You’ll see different skin tones, emojis for the LBGT community and powerful images of women in the different roles they play.

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