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The Marketing Leverage Framework™ is the new marketing mindset for business success. The key to getting results from your marketing efforts is to leverage your marketing power with a framework and the tools you need to change the way you think about marketing. We teach you how to position yourself as the clear and only choice for your customers when they’re shopping for your product or service; how to use social media and email marketing to attract more clients; and how to nurture your network by focusing on developing relationships and increasing your visibility by turning contacts into contracts.

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Marketing Mindset: Do You Have One?

  What is a Marketing Mindset? Marketing Mindset Explained: Having a marketing mindset means that building relationships with customers and business partners is at the heart of everything you do. Relationships are built on trust. To earn the trust of potential customers, you must focus on building your creditability. Creditability in your customer’s eyes may be that they believe in your expertise, that you represent a reputable brand, and that you have demonstrated your capabilities. When you operate with a marketing mindset, you continually market your creditability and communicate how your expertise will benefit your customer. If you do this effectively, the customer will be willing to take a risk and engage with you to learn how your product or services will help them solve their problem. The Marketing Mindset in Practice Use testimonials or case studies from past clients to demonstrate how you’ve helped people. State facts and statistics in your marketing messages that are relevant to your target audience. Create your own unique selling statement that separates you from other service providers. Identify an under-served niche and focus your marketing efforts towards that market. Write articles demonstrating your expertise and submit them to publications. Start giving presentations and workshops to educate your market on the importance of your services. Work on developing deeper relationship with potential referral partners. Word of mouth advertising is very powerful.… Continue Reading

Master The Art of Self Promotion in 3 Easy Steps

Master the Art of Self Promotion Awhile back, an aspiring motivational speaker asked for my advice on how best to promote herself. Over time, I’ve learned that there are several important key points to remember when trying to master the art of self promotion. This week on, I’ll help you tackle this unique challenge. In order to compete in any industry, you have to get noticed. This is especially difficult in the digital age when hundreds of competitors are going after the same target audience. But, you can make sure that you stand out from the crowd by mastering the art of self-promotion in 3 easy steps. Step #1: Establish a Strong Brand Establishing a strong brand is the first step to making self-promotion easy and effective. Your brand consists of the key marketing message you want your target audience to hear and the image (logo, symbol, personal image) you want portrayed. Step #2: Shape the Customer’s Perception through Powerful Messaging Customers should think of you first when they need your type of service. Your key message should be that you can deliver an experience better than anyone else. Customers should be able to learn this through your words, symbols, messages, or concepts. Powerful self-promotion makes it easier for partners and customers to refer business to you and spread the word about your services… Continue Reading

Social Media Marketing Made Simple

Social Media Marketing Made Simple Social media marketing strategies can get incredibly complicated. There always seems to be so much to do and so little time. However, there are ways to keep it simple once you know how. 1. Know your niche. The niche research you did when you first started your business should have revealed your people’s interests, pain points, problems, and spending limits. If you’re not sure, do some research. Above all, find out where they spend their leisure time on the Internet and target those sites. There’s no point in banging away on a social network if the ideal customer in your niche isn’t hanging out there. Social media marketing made simple by your niche. 2. Content is King. Relevant content is the kind of content that will appeal to those in your niche. As you do your niche research, you will probably see the same questions coming up repeatedly. Make a list of them and create content that answers these questions. Be sure to create free products from your content that lead to paid products. For example, a free ebook or audio program just to build your email list and then offer them a paid product. 3. Leverage the content you create. Make every piece of content you create work hard for you. One of the best ways to do it… Continue Reading

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