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The Marketing Leverage Framework™ is the new marketing mindset for business success. The key to getting results from your marketing efforts is to leverage your marketing power with a framework and the tools you need to change the way you think about marketing. We teach you how to position yourself as the clear and only choice for your customers when they’re shopping for your product or service; how to use social media and email marketing to attract more clients; and how to nurture your network by focusing on developing relationships and increasing your visibility by turning contacts into contracts.

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Small Business Resources for Start-ups

Small Business Resources for Start-ups MARKETING Email connects you to people; email marketing software helps you understand your audience’s response, so you can plan your next marketing move. Try Constant Contact’s email marketing 60-days free. All the marketing materials you need to brand your business. Vistaprint offers a wide variety of low cost marketing collateral from business cards, signs, stationary, promotional products and more. supports businesses in building brand awareness, increasing visibility on the web, and enhancing SEO to help boost sales. They offer free to low cost press release distribution. DESIGN You can easily create and design documents and graphics with Canva’s templates and drag and drop editor.       Wix is a free website builder that provides everything you need to create an affordable website with hundreds of drag and drop templates to choose from.   SOCIAL MEDIA   Social media management made simple. Here’s another great resource for small businesses who want to save time managing social media. Use Hootsuite to manage your social media profiles in one single platform. It’s free up to 3 social media profiles. COMMUNICATION   vCita is an online booking and contact management system that integrates with your website to generate more leads. Visitors to your website will see a pop-up notification asking them to contact you for an appointment or to purchase your services. Your current… Continue Reading

10 Steps to Setting up Your Autoresponder Campaign

  Starting an email list isn’t as difficult as you think. It’s just a matter of following these ten simple steps.  Step One Define your purpose and long-term strategy. Once you have a list of subscribers, what will you do with it? Step Two Define your target market. Who can use what you’re offering? Who would be helped by your products or services? This will determine how you drive traffic to your list and how you market to your subscribers. Step Three Create or purchase rights for the free gift that’s going to entice people to join your list. Typically, marketers give away a free gift for signing up for their list. Most people are wary of giving out their name and email address, so a free gift sweetens the deal. It’s most common to use a free report or other informational product, but you can set yourself apart by offering something different. Examples include; free eCourse, access to a video, webinar or resource guide. Step Four Create a dedicated page for your opt-in form. You will also want to place your opt-in form on your website, blog, Facebook page, and other strategic locations where people will see it. Once you’ve generated your opt-in code from your email service provider, you’ll be able to fill it in where required. Step Five Create a ‘thank you’… Continue Reading

When to Re-brand

When to Re-brand

Your brand is the total customer experience. Many business owners think branding is only your logo, but it also includes the interaction with clients, your customer service levels, and how you respond to needs. Now ask yourself, what do I want my brand to do for my company? Clearly define your target market and what your brand would mean to them. Tell them why your company is right for their needs. You want them to think of you first when they need your type of service or skill. Whatever your reason for re-branding, typically it is to communicate a new message for the company or something has evolved with the company or product. Review your company’s strategic goals. Have they changed? When considering re-branding, make sure it will support the company’s goals. Be able to deliver a powerful message and shape the customer’s perception with your new brand. A strong brand is consistent and will spread by word of mouth with advertising providing the reach and repetition. Customers should be able to quickly identify with your brand when they see your logo, read words, or possibly hear sounds. For example, Southwest Airlines has used the sound “bing” in many commercials to associate with its brand. Brands have a strong image. Customers should know what your product stands for through your words, symbols, messages, or concepts.… Continue Reading

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